Radio Decoding Service

Most of the factory stereos now ( and some aftermarket ), need a code to operate. Much like the PIN code of a mobile telephone. So, loosing or misplacing the code, usually renders the radio inoperable. It’s here that our “Radio Decoding Service” comes to the resque. Our Radio Decoding Equipment “JOULE A400” , allows us to read or reprogram the code of almost any radio.

To read (or remove ) the code, customers have to follow a simple procedure: Either you bring (or you send ) the radio to our shop, or you can drop in with your car, so we can remove it. The cost of the decoding is fixed at 60 euro. ( Wholesale prices are available to authorised technicians, car dealerships, car electricians, e.t.c.). Contact us for details.


Here, at our workshop, we repair all types and brands of Car Audio. We repair, Head Units, Amplifiers, Multimedia, Factory Stereo, in fact anything that has to do with the sound or picture in the car. Of course we have more experiance and training on our main brands ( Alpine, Clarion, Rockford Fosgate), but this doesn’t prevent us in repairing any brand we come across.

Over the years we attented training and seminars from Alpine and Rockford Fosgate, regarding the repair of their equipment. These seminars were an invaluable tool to familiarize ourselfs with the diferent problems we faced over the years.

Our workshop is equiped with all the necessary tools and materials, and we stock also a large number of spare parts. We can get any spare part we need from the companies we represent ( Alpine, Clarion, Rockford Fosgate ), but also we have a huge amount of dismantled units that we can get many obscured parts from them. So we are now capable of repairing almost any fault for any brand. For this reason other companies chose us for their repair partners. Car Electricians , Car Dealerships, and other electronic repair companies , both local and from other towns, all, they send their equipment they have for repair, to us.

So, next time you have a problem with your Car Stereo, don’t hesitate. Contact us, at our shop. We offer both removal and re-fitting service. Usually repairs take two or three days to complete. Usually repairs cost 50 to 80 euros. If there is any extraortinary need that will increase the cost of the repair, we contact you with the details of this extra cost. If, for any reason you don’t want to go ahead with the repair , then there is absolutely no obligation from you and there in no charge either.

For our fellow electronic technicians:

We offer a wide range of spare parts for our main brands ( Alpine, Clarion, Rockford Fosgate ), and also a big selection of rear supply and speaker connectors, CD Changer bus leads, Radio and Dashboard removal tools, at very competitive prices. Please contact us for details.

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